Bede Noonan


Before the integration with ACCIONA, Bede developed his career at the Geotech Group. Starting in 1991 as Financial Controller, Bede progressed into Contract & Business Management, and then to Executive Director and Shareholder when the original owners of Geotech sold the business in 2000. Whilst enjoying interaction across all aspects of the Geotech Group, Bede’s main focus has been on Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and Financial & Systems Management, all driven by his passion for innovation and R&D.

As CEO, Bede oversaw the acquisition of Coleman Rail (our rail business) in 2002 and John Beever Australia (SMP engineering business) in 2007, and the growth of the company to over 500 employees with established offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. With tertiary qualifications in economics and accounting, he inherently understands the financial aspects of projects and the business as a whole, and, with a long history as Project Director across a number of major infrastructure projects, is well placed to lead the new company to become one of the largest construction Groups in Australia & New Zealand.

Bede has always had a keen interest in the community and has led the way in regularly donating profits and resources to not-for-profit organisations and sporting clubs, as well as donating to various charities. This social responsibility extends to the Group’s partnership with Swinburne University and their Professional Placements Program, where the Group places the most undergraduates by far, in not just engineering but across a broad range of disciplines.

Bede has enjoyed industry roles as a Director of Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Piling and Foundation Specialist Federation of Australia.

Dieter Adamsas


Dieter joined the Board as Chairman in September 2011, an appointment that has enhanced the Geotech Group’s corporate governance and helped promote the businesses. With over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry, Dieter is a former Deputy Chief Executive Officer and CFO of Leighton Holdings Limited, responsible for maintaining financial control across the Group. As one of the most respected figures in the Australian contracting industry, Dieter’s appointment is a significant step forward for the Group, one that will help expand its horizons.

Darren Loidl

Executive Director

Darren commenced with Geotech as a Graduate Civil Engineer. He ran the Soil and Rock Lab before moving into a Project Management role across a variety of civil infrastructure projects. Whilst a Shareholder and Executive Director of the Group, Darren’s driving passion is Engineering Solutions. Darren is very highly regarded as an innovative thinker who enjoys working to find the most efficient solution for engineering challenges. Darren has been a Director and President of the Australian Drilling Industry Association.

André Noonan

Executive Director

André’s background is through the operations of the civil business. André enjoyed life on site operating the full range of civil construction plant and still wishes he could be back on a rig. As a Shareholder and Executive Director, André continues to have a strong focus on all operational aspects of each business. Additionally, André enjoys leading the Group into new clients, industries and markets as well as working closely with our project teams on ensuring intellectual rigour is maximised when analysing operational approaches.

Andrew King

Non-Executive Director

Andrew is a Director of Tanarra Capital who joined the Board in 2015 and brings over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing, logistics and infrastructure and a background in contracting with industrial and government customers. Prior to joining Tanarra, Andrew was 10 years the Managing Director and CEO of global maritime logistics provider P&O Maritime Services, and a member of the global leadership team of port infrastructure and terminal operator DP World.