Integral to the Geotech Group, Coleman Rail has over 25 years of continuous and successful Australian-wide involvement in the rail industry. This is best demonstrated by the delivery of a diverse range of key and complex infrastructure projects for our clients and stakeholders.

Focused on whole of life and integrated project solutions, we are recognised by our clients and partners as a collaborative rail specialist contractor with the clear mission of providing true value adding services.

We have the specialist knowledge, expertise, resources, systems and the plant & equipment to deliver successful outcomes in both brownfield and greenfield developments.

Based permanently in Melbourne and Brisbane, we also have project offices in Sydney and Adelaide. Coleman Rail headquarters is in Port Melbourne (Melbourne), where we have offices, stores and extensive workshop facilities for the maintenance and development of the specialised equipment required for our operations.

Our experience is ample. It includes working in live rail operating environments and high volume vehicle traffic conditions that require continuous pedestrian access.

Our project delivery teams and crews, managers and leaders are totally committed to safe working practices. They have extraordinary experience at both individual and collective levels, gained through lessons learnt processes, and have developed an innovative mindset that generates value for money and value engineering outcomes across all projects.

Coleman Rail exclusively uses our direct labour workforce for our projects, minimising the use of subcontractors and focusing on self-performance as a key differentiator in order to minimise any unnecessary mark-ups on mark-ups and risk on risk contingencies. By drawing on resources from our sister companies, Geotechnical Engineering, John Beever Australia and Geotech Drilling, we can bring to our projects skilled supervision and labour for a vast range of civil and mechanical services. It is important to note that Coleman Rail, operating since 1995, maintains the only full time, light rail team in Australia.

Our core team has been working together since 1995. The intimate knowledge and close working relationships that have developed since have encouraged innovation, both small and game changing.

The backbone of Coleman Rail’s approach to projects is engagement with clients and stakeholders through open communications and a drive for innovation to maintain an efficient, high performance team sustaining continuous improvement. Our focus is the successful delivery of projects centred on early constructability reviews, risk minimisation, operability, functionality, flexible staging, and on time delivery.

Coleman Rail has the capability to develop and self-perform transport solutions, supporting our clients and rail operators throughout all phases and stages of projects from concept, to planning and development (including works packaging and staging with minimal impact on operations), through engineering and design management, risk assessment and mitigation, to procurement, statutory and regulatory approvals, execution, commissioning and successful handover.