Doncaster & North Fitzroy Bus Depots

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Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) recently engaged Coleman Rail to perform the upgrades to two of Transdevs' operational bus depots located at Doncaster and North Fitzroy, with practical completion achieved in November of 2016. Coleman Rail was additionally tasked with addressing and closing out a number of environmental conditions at both sites.

The key upgrades that took place at both depots included the following:

  • Decommissioning and upgrading the existing diesel bus refuelling facilities – each depot typically uses 25,000L of diesel per night;
  • Decommissioning and upgrading the existing bus wash facilities – approximately 250 buses at the Doncaster depot and 170 buses at the North Fitzroy depot underwent cleaning several times a week;
  • Exhaust extraction upgrades to the depot maintenance workshop to assist with dispelling workshop exhaust fumes;
  • Concrete pavement remediation and replacement; and
  • Contamination remediation and making good underground wastewater infrastructure and drainage.

Through close management with the project's environmental consultants, Coleman Rail addressed all environmental conditions.

Damian Kerr (PTV Project Manager) provided the following feedback upon project completion:

"I would like to pass on PTV's and my own personal thanks for a job well done to Coleman Rail, MTM and Transdev. A large amount of work has been done in a short timeframe, and the collaboration between all parties has been outstanding. Certainly, our executive team and CEO have all expressed their delight in handing back both Doncaster and North Fitzroy three days earlier than planned."

ARUP, Coleman Rail's design consultant, recently undertook a site visit with their design team to get a better understanding of the completed project.

As an aside, here’s what the North Fitzroy Depot looked like in the 1940s!