Turning Waste into a High Value Product Featured

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Coleman Rail’s approach to operations is one that looks to manage and reduce the company’s environmental impact across all projects. Coleman Rail is dedicated to developing effective waste management solutions and initiatives that can reduce landfill and provide a better outcome for the environment and community.

During the tender process of the Preston Tram Workshops, the wooden floor blocks, located in Yarra Trams’ old industrial workshops, were identified as disposable landfill. However, through value engineering, the Coleman Rail team was able to develop a sustainable solution. Through collaborating with Earth Systems, a multidisciplinary environmental and social consulting firm, the team identified a potential purpose for the floor blocks that in turn reduced the project’s total landfill.

Earth Systems has developed a mobile biochar system called “CharMaker.” The product uses the pyrolysis technique to convert biomass to charcoal. Biochar is a form of charcoal that is regularly used for soil amendment. The product is seen to have huge potential for mitigating climate change and reducing the accumulation of greenhouse gases.

Biochar, when used as a soil additive; improves water and nutrient retention in soil, enhances the effectiveness of fertilisers, reduces soil acidity and increases soil carbon to improve the overall productivity of plant growth.

Through this initiative, Coleman Rail is not only reducing the needless contribution to Victoria’s already limited landfill, but also helping to increase the productivity of the Victoria’s farming community.

The company’s CEO Bede Noonan proudly encourages and supports the use of sustainable business practices, "We are committed to helping the environment to be sustainable into the future.

"Turning old wooden floor blocks from potential landfill into a valuable farming commodity is a fantastic example of this approach.”

Coleman Rail continues to embrace pioneering initiatives that lead to best practice models for the Australian infrastructure sector.