Awarding Excellence in Safety at the Preston Workshops Redevelopment Featured

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Coleman Rail congratulates Anthony Moore from the Preston Tram Workshops team for receiving the Safety Award for February 2015 as part of the project’s Safety Reward & Recognition Program.

The program was introduced at the $190m Preston Tram Workshops Redevelopment, to promote and advocate safety and well-being in the workplace. The aim is to facilitate discussion amongst employees and encourage workers to report potential incidents to the relevant Safety Officer. By recognising individual efforts, the company hopes to establish positive behaviour towards OH&S, which will in turn reduce the frequency of incidences in the workplace.

Project Director, Stephen Shaddock, applauded Anthony for his recent achievement, “Anthony identified a number of cracked welds that appeared on the basket of a mobile Elevated Work Platform.

“Thanks to his prompt reporting, we were able to quickly resolve what could have been a much larger issue in the long term.

“We encourage all staff to report anything they believe may pose a health and safety risk. Well done, Anthony,” said Stephen.

The Safety Reward & Recognition Program runs monthly at the Preston Tram Workshops Redevelopment Project. The next recipient will be announced at the end of March.