Victoria Parade Junction

Written by Dene Macleod

cr vic pde 001

Location: Nicholson Street & Victoria Parade junction, Fitzroy, Victoria

Client: Yarra Trams

Role of Coleman Rail: Head Contractor

Project Summary: Construct Only; Brownfield Redevelopments; Complex Multidisciplinary; Light Rail

Project Scope

Coleman Rail, on behalf of Yarra Trams, KDR Victoria, Public Transport Victoria and VicRoads, was engaged over the Easter Period of 2014 to install new tram infrastructure at the intersection of Nicholson Street and Victoria Parade in Fitzroy. Over a 5 day period of consecutive twenty four hour shifts, the existing tram network at the junction was removed in its entirety, replaced with new rail sections and overhead facilities. Notwithstanding the restricted site conditions, the complexities of the works incorporated the installation of over 650m of new track expanded to include new junction rails, H crossing, motorised tram auto points, underground power, drainage and surrounding road works. In an industry first, 25m long special rail sections were prefabricated off-site, then under a high level VicRoads escort were transported to site and lifted into place via a 200t crane. Each section, weighing in at over 28t, was lifted to heights of 20m to enable manoeuvrability over existing overhead networks and to allow for careful placement on the ground. Demolition over existing underground utility assets including a 66kV live power main and a 600mm diam. high pressure gas main was required to enable transition into the track construction. With the site being largely formed by curved junctions, auto point sections and new-to-old tie-in points, new boundaries had to be set to achieve the 156 onsite welds. Within the confines of a very condensed construction program, high level traffic restrictions, inclusive of the functional access and operation of St Vincent’s Hospital, the works were successfully completed on time and on budget to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Coleman Rail Contact Person: Chris Morralee