Noarlunga Line Upgrade

Written by Dene Macleod

cr noarlunga 001

As part of the Adelaide Rail Revitalisation Project, Stage 1 of the Noarlunga Line Reconstruction, 1.1 km of dual track from Brighton Road to Jetty Road, Oaklands Junction to the Sturt Creek Bridge was upgraded, this included the upgrade of Goodwood Junction North.


Project Overview

The Noarlunga Line Upgrade Stage 1—Brighton Road to Jetty Road was located in Adelaide, South Australia from November 2009 to December 2009 for South Australian Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI).

The project was a Lump Sum Construct Only Joint Venture with John Holland Rail and it was $5 million contract value, plus $0.5 million Free Issue Materials (FIM).


Project Scope

The construction project involved:

  • Upgrading the track formation and installing new formation drainage.
  • Installing new gauge-convertible concrete sleepers.
  • Refurbishing and replacing rails.
  • Replacing rail joints with continuous welded rail (CWR)
  • Refurbishing turnouts.
  • Re-transom Sturt Creek Bridge
  • Upgrading two level crossings and 10 pedestrian crossings.
  • Installation of new signalling conduits.
  • Signalling disconnection, reconnection and recommissioning.
  • 3 turnout refurbishments


Project Approach and Methodology

All works were undertaken over 2 weekends to minimise the impact on train customers during weekdays. The line was closed between Goodwood Junction and Jetty Road, with passenger buses replacing trains. Each weekend occupation works were continuous over a 56-hour period and involved night works. Works were planned to one-hour intervals with regular six hourly consultations and reviews with client to monitor progress.

Other key delivery elements included:

  • Traffic Management Plans with designated truck routes developed in consultation with local councils, residents and businesses, for supply of new ballast and materials and removal of excavated soils and ballast.
  • Robust consultation and engagement with local residents, businesses, councils about the rail closure, traffic management and other works issues.
  • Consultation and collaboration with ARTC and other rail operators regarding rail safety and access at Goodwood Junction.
  • Night-time tamping works and noisy operations ceased before 10pm.
  • Using direct labour, experienced in short-term occupations for most of the construction work.
  • Rail Safety Supervisors at Goodwood Junction to coordinate activities between train movements, as the Belair line and the ARTC line through the Goodwood Junction remained operational throughout the occupations.
  • Using modular timber temporary pedestrian crossings to maintain pedestrian access across construction site.