The Coleman Rail Business of Geotech Holdings was established under the leadership of Chris Morralee
Coleman Rail acquires BT&KA, a heavy rail contractor with over 15 years' experience throughout Australia. Representative projects prior to the acquisition were:

  • ABT (Tourist) Railway from Queenstown to Strahan, Tasmania
  • Jolimont Stabling Yards in Melbourne
  • Re-sleepering of the Melbourne to Albury rail line.



Following the acquisition, the business was progressively restructured to better approach a diverse and more complex stream of works, services and projects.
Representative projects undertaken during this period were:

  • Tram track reconstruction work across Melbourne
  • Re-sleepering of ARTC (Australian Rail Track Corporation) lines in Northern NSW and the Hunter Valley
  • Train station platform reconstructions at Broadmeadows, Huntingdale and Flinders Street Platforms 12 & 13
  • Spencer Street Station Redevelopment Trackworks
  • Docklands Drive Tramway Extension.



  • Coleman Rail's first major project awarded and successfully completed – Stage 1 Glenelg Tramline Upgrade in Adelaide: a Design & Construct contract to rebuild the 100-year-old tramline from Glenelg to Victoria Square involving reconstruction of all platforms, replacement of rails, overhead wiring, and electrical systems and signalling.
  • Coleman Rail awarded the contract for the Glenelg Tramline Extension from King William Street to North Terrace in Adelaide. A million dollar Design & Construct contract for the construction of a totally new tramline in a main road of the Adelaide CBD.
  • Glengowrie Tram Depot Upgrade – Adelaide.



  • Growth of the Coleman Rail business
  • Coleman Rail successfully delivering fast-track projects in live rail environments with complex stakeholders, through night-time and weekend occupations
  • Craigieburn Stabling Yards won and successfully completed
  • Melbourne Tram Platform and Tram Track constructions and reconstructions
  • Joint Venture established for the reconstruction of the Adelaide metropolitan train lines
  • Dynon Rail Yards Upgrade in West Melbourne
  • Joint Venture established to deliver the Adelaide Rail Revitalisation Project.



  • Following growth and diversification, Sean Bonham is appointed in the role of Coleman Rail's General Manager to support Chris Morralee.



  • Further growth of the business
  • Permanent office established in Brisbane to service Qld Rail market
  • Representative projects during this period include: -
  • Joint Venture established for Regional Rail Link

Package A

  • Alliance participation for Regional Rail Link

Package B

  • Preston Plate Shop Redevelopment
  • Officer Rail Road Grade Separation
  • Brunswick Maintenance Facility Upgrade
  • Domain Interchange
  • Marrangaroo Rail Tunnel Floor Lowering.